Gate to Heaven tour

The tour will focus to explore at the east side of Bali, in this case is Karangasem regency.
Karangasem regency became the spot for the temples visit in Bali, there is Besakih temple as the biggest temple in Bali and Lempuyang as the highest temple in Bali that also popular called Gate to heaven, because this temple has very massive gate that has view of mount Agung in the front of it, sometimes the fog with the mountain view make the gate look like above of the cloud, there is also water palace, rice field, rolling hills, and crystal clear water. Taman Ujung Karangasem is one of the attraction also.
Often referred to ‘old Bali’, east Bali is beautiful area of place of temples, sweeping bays, volcanoes, palaces, rice paddies and ruins, of villages where crafts lost to the rest of the island are still practiced. The last Raja of Karangasem built his water palaces here: Tirta gangga, now a public bathing area, and Ujung. East Bali is packed with villages whose way of life has changed little over the centuries. None is more rooted in the past, however, than the closed, religious community of Tenganan. While most of Bali embraced and reinterpreted Hinduism over the centuries, Tenganan has tenaciously held on to its beliefs in its own divine origin. In this tiny society clothing has always been central to ritual. Today, families still painstakingly fashion geringsing or double ikat cloth, a fabric and weave found otherwise only in Gujarat, India. Bali highest volcano is Gunung Agung, the Balinese revere it as a home of the gods as well as believing it to be a replica of Mount Meru, the central axis of universe. One legend holds that the mountain is a fragment of Meru brought to Bali by the first Hindus.

gate to heaven
view from the next level of the Lempuyang temple


  1. start from Kertha Gosa the royal courtyard
  2. Belong hilss at Gunaksa village
  3. Bat cave temple
  4. Taman Ujung
  5. Tirta Gangga
  6. Lempuyang temple ( gate to heaven )
  7. Candi Dasa for Lunch
  8. Visit a traditional salt maker village
    Private car, Fuel and english speaking driver.
    not included:
    Entrance fees and lunch.
    8 to 10 hours
    IDR 700k / $ 50 USD / € 45 euro for 1 day tour.
    Alternative places around there:
    1. Besakih temple ( the biggest Hindus temple in Bali )”
    2. Blue lagoon
    3. Bali chocolate factory
    4. Virgin Beach
    5. Tenganan village ( the oldest style of village in Bali that still survive until now )
    Note: this tour is a country side tour which is mean to find a good place to eat is a little bit difficult, so we only suggest you the place that we really know from any travel site source for your safety and convenience and the itinerary could be change depending of your needs.
    If you have arranged your itinerary, please don’t be shy to tell us or our driver and will be pleased we will do that for you.
    we will also bring you a recycle bag in place of plastic option, just incase you want to buy something during the tour and Please don’t forget to bring your own water for the tour, because we do not provide you with minerals water any more, we try to reducing mineral water plastic for our better world at the future.

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