Central volcanoes tour

( Gunung Batur and Around )


On a clear day, no scenery in Bali can match that of the Batur area. With its volcanic peaks and silver-turquoise crater lake, the scale and spectacle of this landscape is unrivalled, so much that UNESCO listed it as a geopark in 2012. It was formed thirty thousand years ago when the eruption of a gigantic volcano created a vast outer caldera that spans 13,5km. Gunung Batur or mount Batur ( 1717m ) at its heart is still active-wisps of sulphurous smoke still drift from smaller cones on its slopes. A major trans–Bali road runs along the west side of the crater rim, affording magnificent high-level views and a side road gives access to the crater lake, Danau Batur, on its floor. Given the scenery, it’s no surprise that this is one of Bali’s most popular tourist destinantions.

Mount Batur and Lake Batur view


  1. Elephant cave temple, this temple is located island of Bali near Ubud , Built in 9th Century, this site was added to the UNESCO World Heritage on 19 of October 1995, The temple is characterised by menacing big Balinese monster faces that are carved into the stone, who’s purpose is assumed to be the warding off evil spirits,
  2. Gunung Kawi Temple, Gunung kawi temple is an 11th century temple and funerary complex in Tampak siring Village, north east of Ubud, that is spread across either side of the Pakerisan river. this temple is very famous because of their temple carving, the temple are carved into the rock of the canyon and to get the temple, we are going to past hundreds stairs and some view of rice fields
  3. Tirta Empul, the holy spring temple, this temple is very famous because of the holy spring water, the temple compound consists of a petirtan or bathing structure, famous of their holy spring water, where Balinese Hindus go to for ritual purification
  4. Kintamani village, in this village we could see the most stunning view of the mount Batur and the Lake, mount Batur is very famous because of the sunrise trekking,
  5. Coffee plantation, tegalalang village has a lot of coffee places, if u’re coffee lover u’ll like this place, most of the coffee places around here has Luwak Coffee… which is the most expensive coffee in the world, here we could see the process of the Coffee bean and get on touch with the luwak..
  6. Tegalalang Rice Terrace, one of the famous place to enjoy the view of the rice field view in Bali,
  7. Monkey forest Ubud, the biggest and the prettiest monkey place in Bali, here we will see the real life of the monkeys and we also able to walks around the forest while watching the monkeys,

    Private car, Fuel and english speaking driver.
    not included:
    Entrance fees and lunch.
    4 to 6 hours
    IDR 650k / $ 49 USD /€ 40 euro for 1 day tour.
    Note: If you have arranged your itinerary, please don’t be shy to tell us or our driver and will be pleased we will do that for you.
    we will also bring you a recycle bag in place of plastic option, just incase you want to buy something during the tour and Please don’t forget to bring your own water for the tour, because we do not provide you with minerals water any more, we try to reducing mineral water plastic for our better world at the future.