Visits farming area by one day tour

Emerald-green rice terrace, or sawah,are one of the most memorable sight on Bali and you’ll see them almost everywhere ranged in steps up hillsides, tumbling down steep-sided river valleys, and encircling villages. The fertile volcanic soil, plentiful sunshine and regular down pour create ideal growing condition that sustain at least two crop a year and an ancient system of Subak irrigation co-operatives ensures that neighbours help each other where possible. Spiritual help is also enlisted from the rice goddess, Dewi Sri, who is courted with numerous rituals and worshipped at tiny shrines in every expanse of sawah.
Rice farming is unrelenting, back breaking work and on Bali nearly all of it is done by hand, from painstaking planting of the seedings to the harvesting and threshing of the paddy. The flooded fields are ploughed by buffaloes, or tractor in some areas and the birds are kept away by wind-chimes, rows of flapping plastic bags, strange bamboo contraption and the occasional small boy out looking for eels, frog and dragonflies. the rice is ready to harvest in about five month. Ducks are then herded in to graze and fertilise the land and to gobble up any pests in preparation for the new cycle,
The best place to see those moments are at the west side of Bali, west side of Bali is very famous for their rice field area, one the most famous one is Jati luwih rice terrace,

Jati Luwih rice terrace


  1. start from Taman Ayun the royal family temple
  2. Taman Mumbul the green pond with holy water temple
  3. Sangeh the Monkey forest that has a lot of tall trees around it
  4. Nung-nung waterfall one of the best waterfall at the west side of Bali
  5. Beratan temple or very famous called the floating temple
  6. Twin lakes view 
  7. Jati luwih the biggest rice terrace area in Bali
  8. Lunch at Gong resto
    Private car, Fuel and english speaking driver.
    not included:
    Entrance fees and lunch.
    8 to 10 hours
    IDR 650k / $ 49 USD / € 40 euro for 1 day tour.
    Alternative places around there:
    1. Banyumala waterfall
    2. Bedugul Botanical garden
    3. Candi kuning market ( the central of fruit )
    4. Jasri the hotspring pool
    5. Batukaru temple
    Note: this tour is a country side tour which is mean to find a good place to eat is a little bit difficult, so we only suggest you the place that we really know from any travel site source for your safety and convenience, the itinerary could be change depending of your needs. Note: If you have arranged your itinerary, please don’t be shy to tell us or our driver and will be pleased we will do that for you.
    we will also bring you a recycle bag in place of plastic option, just incase you want to buy something during the tour and Please don’t forget to bring your own water for the tour, because we do not provide you with minerals water any more, we try to reducing mineral water plastic for our better world at the future.